Through experience to personal conviction

Beitrag vom 31 July 2006

Through experience to personal conviction: Maria Sibylla Merian grew up in Switzerland; she trained and took her Physical Education Diploma there, later also qualifying in Tai Chi and Qi Gong. She further refined her skills in the Spiraldynamik School for Movement and Posture in Zürich, and also studied the psychology of colour under Prof. M. Lüscher there. After 12 years’ experience practicing and teaching Tai Chi, she is now preparing for the examination for the 5th Dan (grade) at the University of Peking.
After many years of experience, Maria Sibylla Merian continues to be fascinated by Tai Chi and Qi Gong. For several years now she has been teaching this to students in Switzerland and in Spain. In her new Centre she is also offering various additional therapies. A number of other professionals are working with her in the new Centre.

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